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Welcome to Sustainable Piping Systems

Abrasive Coal Slurry Being Handled By Plastic Piping

Thermoplastic Piping Products & Education

Thermoplastics are the world’s fastest growing and most popular piping material. When service conditions allow, there are no piping systems that can compare to the durability, ease and safety of installation, environmental soundness, and cost-effectiveness as that of plastics.

This site’s mission is to educate engineers, installers, and end-users by presenting the latest and most accurate information available concerning plastic fluid handling products. The presented information is compiled from published data of several leading North American companies and associations.

The site includes:

  • Engineering Information
  • Published Articles
  • Industry literature and reports
  • Video and PowerPoint Presentation
  • Industry and Association direct links
  • Listing of Manufacturers by product category
  • “Stump the Plastic Expert” area geared to answer plastic piping queries
  • Blog

Special thanks to the Plastic Pipe and Fittings Association (PPFA), The International Association of Plastic Distribution (IAPD), the Plastic Pipe Institute (PPI), and Uni-Bell PVC Pipe Association (Uni-Bell) and its member companies as well as other organizations that have given permission to use many of their excellent publications and visual presentations.

The site, Sustainable Piping Systems, is meant to be dynamic in nature and welcomes suggestions from users to implement future site improvements with the goal to make the site as informative and user-friendly as possible.

*The site’s editor and “Plastic Expert” is David A. Chasis of Chasis Consulting Inc. (See Blog for Mr. Chasis background and expertise.)

Plastic Piping Systems . . .are Vital to green building

Did you know that plastics…….?

Save Energy & Water
… use less energy to manufacture, install and use when compared with competing materials.
Make Sustainability Affordable
… have lower material and installation costs than competing materials.
Enable Sustainable Systems
… enable systems that save lives, water, and energy.
Are Designed for Durability
… do not corrode
… are engineered to have a long service life.
Contribute to Green Building Certification
… are used in geothermal, radon venting, gray water, rain water, radiant heating, fire sprinklers, central vacuum and other sustainable systems.

At this time, the website will include mostly thermoplastic piping materials (PEX is the exception) used in residential, commercial and industrial applications.  Flexible pipe and tubing, plastic-lined metal piping, composite pipe (plastic-encapsulated metal) and glass-reinforced thermoset pipe will not be included. Perhaps at a later date, if there is enough interest, other piping materials may be added.